Living Single has its challenges
but also it's joys.
You don't have to go at it alone.

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I'm Jenny, and I help successful single women

go from being lonely and frustrated to being

vibrant and joy filled. 

Any of this sound familiar?

  • You are respected and sought out professionally and socially.

    Everything is how you would want it... except for the empty pillow on the other side of your bed.

  • You have spent so many years wondering when it is ever going to happen for you.

    Did everyone else get some handbook and you are just out there winging it? You've lost count of how much you have spent on everyone else's wedding gifts. When will it be your turn to show off your new man?

  • Friends and family don't know how many nights you have cried yourself to sleep.

    You have tried so hard to have a reasonable approach to being single and many days you are okay with your life. But then comes the dreaded family reunion or engagement party and all that positive self talk is shot to hell.

That's where I come in. 


I help you to:


Extend yourself grace for all the ways you've

tried to find love


Develop new relationship patterns so you don't

keep dating the wrong guys


Transform painful experiences that have taught you to fear into ways that remind you to trust your intuition



Create a love story that is true to you


What if you could have  peace right now?

  • Keep the useful lessons from your past and throw the rest away.

    Feel so joy-filled that you get noticed.

    We are going to ditch all the "stuff" that doesn't serve you so that men are attracted to your vibrancy and want to be the one you pick.

  • Find a match with a man that is at your social, intellect, and career level.

    Quit dumbing yourself down and attracting low hanging fruit.

  • Create a loving relationship that is beyond what you have ever dreamed of.

    While we are going to be focusing on romantic relationships,  many of your other relationships are going to experience more love and respect as well.

I help successful single women create a love story

and a life they desire.

As a Singles Coach, I help women: 

  • Trust again so they can love with an open heart

    Gain tools to let go of the past so your heart is ready to love someone from a new perspective.

  • Not only be incredibly happy in a relationship but also as a kickass single woman.

    You can live a happy full life regardless of your relationship status but it doesn't mean you have to give up wanting the relationship you have longed for.

  • Stay true to themselves

    It is not necessary to dumb down to be attractive or apologize for your income or status. 

  • Let go of the fear that they have to give in and do whatever a guy wants because if they don't, another woman will.

    There are men that don't have to have sex on the first date or third one for that matter. They want more than instant gratification. Men also long to be in relationships where they can give and receive respect, commitment, and love.

    Meet Your New Coach

    Hi, I'm Jenny.

        I have done the single thing for far longer than I ever wanted. I have lived through the doubts, fears and loss.


        More importantly I have used my decade of experience in the helping industry to not only transform my life but also the lives of many other women.

        • I firmly believe in laughter as a great healer.

          In my opinion, life without laughter is just pure insanity.

        • I know every line from Steel Magnolias.

          I jokingly say that there isn't an event that doesn't have a Steel Magnolias quote to go with it.

        • I don't believe in bullshit.

          I am the truth teller in my family. All the rest gets in the way of dealing with life the way it really is.

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